Privacy Policy

Last revised: June 2022

Thank you for your continued interest in Clevernode! We strive to protect the privacy of our users, ("Users'') or and users of any version of our Plugin ("Plugin") who are registered, subscribed to or using our Plugin pursuant to an agreement with us (collectively "you"). This Privacy Policy applies to you and the Metup corporate family, including but not limited to Metup Srl, Via Cavour, 310, 00184, Rome; You may contact us at

Thank you for stopping by! This Privacy Policy covers the use of our website and our Plugin.
This Privacy Policy sets forth Clevernode's policy regarding information, which includes personally identifiable information ("Personal Data") and other information collected from visitors and users. This Privacy Policy also covers Personal Data or other information collected from contacts through registration, events or content hosted on other platforms.

Please review this section to easily understand our stance towards your privacy.

This policy describes the information we receive and process and how it is used. We encourage you to read this Privacy Policy carefully. Any use of information or Personal Data we receive from you will always be limited to the following purposes: (i) to help us improve our websites; (ii) to help us improve our Plugin; (iii) to help us engage you with our Plugin; (iv) to help us provide our Plugin to you and others; and (v) to help us provide support for the Plugin to you and others. We will not sell any of your information or Personal Data.

On visiting any of our websites or using our Plugin, you accept and agree to this Privacy Policy.
Put simply: If you continue, you accept and consent to the content of this Privacy Policy.

A. Information received from the User

When you register as a User, certain information such as your name and e-mail address may be collected. When a Visitor contacts us and/or requests information about our Plugin, we will collect each Visitor's e-mail address.
We may also ask Visitors for their name, company name, telephone number and e-mail address.

In Brief: We may collect your name, company name, contact telephone number and e-mail address.

We may also send notifications, announcements or communications relating to our Plugin to your email address if you are a User.

If you send us Personal Data, we will only process it for the specific purposes set out in this Privacy Policy or as otherwise indicated by you. Any accidental transmission of Personal Data to us is at your own risk.

B. Sensitive Data

We do not ask you and do not want you to provide us with information relating to medical or health conditions, race or ethnic origin, political opinions, religious or philosophical beliefs or other sensitive information.

Provide licences or register you to use our Plugin;
Provide you with customer support for our Plugin;
Send you questionnaires and surveys that allow us to improve our Plugin;

Allow you to request a demo of our Plugin;

Allow us to fulfill our obligations under any agreements entered into with Users and/or their companies; Allow us to collect statistics of usage for internal analysis related to our Plugin in order to improve the Service and provide better support;

We justify the processing of Personal Data on the following legal bases:

We use the information collected to correspond with you about our Plugin and to improve our Service.

You can submit a request online by contacting us about this Privacy Policy. If you ask us to delete your personal information, we may not be able to continue to provide or support our products or services.

To make such a request, please contact us using the contact information listed in Section M of this Privacy Policy.

C. Changes to this Privacy Policy

We will notify you of any changes to this Privacy Policy if we have your email address. If not, we encourage you to visit us often to check for updates!

D. How to contact us

If you have any questions about this Privacy Policy, please contact us at